Welcome to the Business of Local

Welcome to the Business of Local.


The Internet Has A Local Problem

It’s put the world at our fingertips, but does a poor job connecting us to the physical communities where we actually live.


Traditional Media Have Fallen Behind

Designed for a different era, they are competing with digital giants to reach customers right next door…and they’re losing.


Subtext Gets It

We’re disrupting the traditional media model to bring local content creators, advertisers, and their audience back together.


Unleashing Local Voices

Our innovative licensing model helps local content creators monetize their work, incentivizing deeper and more diverse local coverage.


Connecting Local Digitally

Our mobile-first UX and cutting edge localization backend deliver an unprecedented local content experience for our users - and a superior platform for local advertisers to reach their desired audience.


Subtext Brings It

Our PROOF OF CONCEPT - dailyuv.com - validates our market fit.

Our content engagement metrics far exceed industry averages, demonstrating the unique value of quality local content.

Our ad revenue, pricing, and renewal rates all confirm that local advertisers recognize the access and differentiation our platform provides.

Our ARPU underscores the tremendous opportunity our model offers within the $120B "in-market" local U.S. annual ad spend.


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